ELEKTRA - Kirk & Kirk


Elektra – The source, emitting purest energy and passion.

Despite the chunky appearance, this bold silhouette weighs next to nothing and is supremely comfortable to wear as
it is made from Kirk & Kirk’s unique signature Italian acrylic, a recyclable material that took several years to develop, manufactured in France.
Available in five colours, ranging from Secret, a soft grey/black combination, to Meadow, reminiscent of the horizon where the
grasses touch the sky.

Eye Size: 51, Bridge: 20

Please note: Only a certified Kirk and Kirk dealer can change lenses or make adjustments on these frames. Acrylic frames require a specific knowledge of material to properly serviced without damage. They are not made like any other frames and must be treated with expertise. Damage caused by adjustments or RX/sun lenses made elsewhere will not be covered under warranty.