HELEN - Kirk & Kirk


The Kaleidoscope Collection celebrates the full range of human emotion through an exploration of colour and shape. Each frame is hand-crafted out of custom 8mm acrylic in colour combinations that convey the individual personalities of those who wear them. A collection for the bold and the shy alike, the Kaleidoscope Collection has a frame for every face, every mood, every day.

Helen has an elegance that can’t help but be noticed.
Whether you’re wearing these to an important event or just out and about, heads will turn.

Eye Size: 52 Bridge: 17
Material: Acrylic
Manufacture: France

Please note: Only a certified Kirk and Kirk dealer can change lenses or make adjustments on these frames. Acrylic frames require a specific knowledge of material to properly serviced without damage. They are not made like any other frames and must be treated with expertise. Damage caused by adjustments or RX/sun lenses made elsewhere will not be covered under warranty.