As much an object as it is eyewear. Baars' patented magnetic connection, along with SLS technology, allows for limitless possibilities. Baars worked with Julia Gogosha to create the dimensional, sculptural elements that, until now, have been limited in conventional materials and construction. With its no waste production, this collaboration bridges familiarity with modernity. A visual and tactile sense of play and discovery.

Rephrasing our relationship with the object of eyewear. Familiar everyday forms inspired by daily architectural details, commonly expressed through wood and ceramic, translating the inspiration to the temples. Focusing on a neutral palette allows the wearer to be the focus when the frame is worn. The moment you touch the frame you are connected to its sense of play and simplicity. Unpretentious and unpredictable. Surprise and delight, and even a sense of relief; one less thing to worry about. Wear them daily or occasionally. As a daily statement or as a sporadic surprise. Equal part utility and play.
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